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The Prosperous Healerô Quiz

The Prosperous Healer Quiz

"It will take less of your energy to attract, save and create more money if you are in harmony with both the spiritual and man-made laws of money."

                                   -- Orin and DaBen, Creating Money 
                                       (Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer)

The Prosperous Healerô Quiz will help you evaluate "where you're at" with the spiritual and man-made laws affecting your business success.

The first part assesses how energetically aligned you are with prosperity. This is a "reading" of your true beliefs, thoughts and feelings about money, yourself and your business. The second part evaluates your business management skills.

Simply check off the statements that are true for you, enter your name and email address and click the "get score" button for your results.

I believe money is a good thing, and I have positive feelings about it.
I believe I can be spiritually and materially wealthy at the same time. The Creator's intention is that I thrive financially and in all ways.
I believe there is an unlimited supply of money and all forms of prosperity and that there is plenty to go around for everyone.
I feel good -- even joyful -- about the money I spend, and I spend consciously, from a place of fullness and balance.
I feel joyful about and grateful for the money and other resources I receive. I'm a conscious and gracious receiver.
I believe I can earn an abundant income as a healer/wellness professional, doing what I love to do.
I have complete faith and belief in myself and the value of my offerings. I know my value. I honour my worth.
I feel mentally and emotionally aligned with the fees I charge for my services/products, and I feel comfortable telling prospective clients my prices.
I believe I can earn an abundant income with ease, grace and joy, rather than through stress, struggle and strain.
When I think of my business/work, I feel excited, enthusiastic, passionate and empowered.
I have articulated my mission, purpose and vocation into words. I know why I'm here, what I want to help create through my business and how to use my authentic talents to add value to the lives of others.
I have identified my community (a specific niche or target market) -- those who are vibrationally aligned with my work. I know who I feel most joyful serving and how my offerings help these individuals surmount specific challenges and realize specific goals (my specialty).
I have envisioned an expansive business model that leverages my time and includes multiple channels of service and income.
I have an 'active' written business plan, with intentions, objectives, targets and inspired actions/strategies; I regularly take time to plan my business, and I enjoy this.
I take time to do financial projections for my business and regularly review my revenue/expense statements.
I have efficient organizational, administrative and financial management systems in place.
I have developed or am in the process of developing services and products that respond to the needs of my community members and add value to their lives.
I know where to find my community and how to build relationships with them authentically, in heart-centered ways.
I know how to price my services and products and offer them to my community in inviting, heart-centered ways.
I have the support I need to develop a prosperous, fulfilling wellness business. I'm not a 'lone ranger' trying to do it all by myself.
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