Attention: Holistic Practitioners, Therapists, Healers and Lightworkers  

Share Your Gifts and Prosper Now!


From:  Mary C. Davis
           Certified Business Coach & Prosperity Guide

I remember that day many years ago when I decided to launch my own business.  Although I had years of experience in marketing, sales, communications and management in the not-for-profit sector and had helped raise over $30 million, I felt frightened, alone, inadequate and ill-prepared to run my own business.  In spite of my skill set, I wasn't quite clear on how to develop a business that made my heart sing, in a way that was authentic and joyful for me.


However, by working with great business mentors, surrounding myself with a fantastic support network and learning to love and trust myself and follow my intuitive guidance, I did just that!  I created (and continue to create) the highest expression of my work – a prosperous, fulfilling business that I love.


Perhaps, you're in a similar position to the one I was in all those years ago.  Maybe you're just starting out on your journey of establishing a healing business or you've been operating one for a while now, but it hasn't reached a consistently sustainable financial level.  You may be wondering, like I did, "how can I be of service doing what I love and make a great income at the same time…and how can I do this in a way that feels easy and fun, rather than stressful?"


As passionate as you are about what you have to offer, you may be struggling alone, like I was, trying to "figure out" how to share your gifts with the world and prosper at the same time.  


While you love what you do (or are wanting to do), you're grappling with a challenge you don't seem to be able to resolve on your own.  


Maybe you're:


  • caught in a painful mental and emotional loop that's preventing you from moving forward with your business;

  • feeling overwhelmed, doubtful, insecure, unworthy or anxious;

  • stuck, because you're not clear about your business vision, or you don't know how to manifest the business vision you do have;

  • feeling resistant, fearful and uncomfortable about "marketing" and "selling" your offerings and putting your gifts out into the world in a more visible way;

  • wondering if it's really possible for you to attract the number of clients you'd like and have the prosperous healing business you desire;

  • uncertain about how you can create a healing business that will bring you a steady and growing income;

  • thinking of putting together a specific service or product and don't know how to approach and fulfill this goal;

  • unsure about how to price your offerings;
  • uncertain about exactly how to "market" and "sell" your services and/or products effectively, in ways that get you the results you want, but that are authentic, enjoyable and in keeping with your values; or

  • hesitant about building your business, because you're afraid you'll have to sacrifice life balance and get drained and burned out.

One thing I learned early on in my entrepreneurial life is that trying to develop a business alone, with no ongoing business mentoring and  support, is a recipe for slow progress.  Months can pass by with little change in your results…and, for some, these months can turn into years.


What's true for all of us is that we don't always know what we don't know, it's hard to see our own blind spots and the ways we keep ourselves "small", and it can be challenging to sustain accountability to ourselves and our dreams.


"I discovered that I was experiencing a reluctance and fear to do what it takes to bring my practice to the next level.  Until I started this process with Mary, I wasn’t able to articulate to myself what it was that was holding me back.

Since I started Mary's coaching program, I've had many breakthroughs, most importantly of which is a trust that I'm on the right path and that I have the tools to access what I need to support that journey. 

I have manifested a steady stream of qualified clients, a new office space, positive changes in my personal life and most of all a recognition of what inspired action feels like.  And all this with ease and joy."

                                                                             Sarla Mills
                                                                             Psychotherapist, Paediatric Hypnotherapist and Life Coach


The good news is that you don't have to struggle alone.  I can help you find inspired solutions to your most daunting inner and outer challenges and move forward with clarity, ease, grace and trust.


I've walked in your shoes.  I know what it's like to be where you are, and I've gone through the steep learning curve and growing pains involved in developing a prosperous, sustainable business.


As a Business and Prosperity Coach who specializes in working with healers, like you, I can help you cut your business learning curve in half (or more) and create a prosperous business on your own terms, in your own authentic way.  I've got skills, resources and experience that can help you, including:


  • over 20 years of experience in marketing, sales, communications and management;
  • over 10 years of training and experience in coaching, metaphysics and spiritual/energy healing modalities;  and 
  • my own innate intuitive abilities.

"Since I enrolled in Mary's Coaching Program, the number of clients I have has tripled!  And I'm in the process of creating products to leverage my business and attract even more clients.  I'm a Prosperous Healer and loving it!

For me, a spiritual business owner, the heart-centered spiritual essence of the way Mary coaches was the perfect complement to the business side of the program, and learning to use my Spirit Guides in making business decisions was a wonderful gift that helps me stay connected to my truth in business.  

I loved our coaching calls -- they were a time of focus, of connection to myself, to my Higher Self and to the vision of my business, all held in Mary's beautiful, loving energy.  

I follow a lot of the biggest names in marketing, and I'm very aware of what they offer in their coaching programs.  Mary's program is totally on par with these programs.  It's so rich in information, ideas, inspiration and wisdom, and it contains everything I needed to build a thriving, successful healing business.  Its value outweighs the cost, by far.

                                                                             Elyse Shaff
                                                                             Reflexologist and Foot Analysist


Share your gifts and prosper now!


While I'll bring my own perspectives and knowledge to your situation and provide you with information, resources and tools to help you move forward, the real gift of engaging in Share Your Gifts and Prosper Now™ Coaching Sessions with me is that you'll connect with the Source of wisdom within you and take inspired action from this place. 

Imagine that troublesome challenge transforming into an elegant and inspired solution, with great results!


Flash forward to the day after your coaching session.  You wake up feeling confident, inspired and empowered.  And, you now have great clarity about how to allow your inspired solutions and results to unfold and your business to grow. Taking action feels natural and enjoyable.

Regardless of what stage your healing business is at, these powerful coaching sessions will breathe new life into your business.  Here are some of the results that clients report:

  • faster development of their businesses than when they were trying to build their businesses on their own, with no support;
  • release of doubt and fear about themselves, their finances and their businesses;
  • clarity about their business visions;

  • specific inspired client attraction and business plans tailored to their businesses that work for them;
  • the ability to attract and enroll clients effectively and in ways that feel authentic and natural (not fear-based);

  • development of solid business skills and belief in their ability to create thriving businesses;

  • greater trust in themselves and the Universe;

  • the ability to take action in inspired ways that feel joyful, stay on track with their vision and fulfill their goals;

  • a stronger sense of connection to their True Selves, their Higher Guidance and the Higher Purpose of their businesses; and

  • deeper feelings of self-love, self-acceptance and self-value.

You'll get my undivided, open-hearted attention to help you solve your problem(s), build your business and bring you to a place of peace, clarity and inspiration.

"Before starting my work with Mary, I had been travelling extensively, journeying to sacred sites and so I had taken a break from full-time Yoga teaching.  When I returned, I realized I wanted to take my teaching to another level. The way I had been working before was not sustainable.  I was living hand-to-mouth and needing to supplement my income at times with other work.  I had never taken a business course.  I was a strong and gifted teacher who did not know how to build a business from the ground up.

I have had a wonderful experience working with Mary.  I have had a shift in my thoughts and beliefs about business through this work.  Discovering the higher purpose of my business has assisted me in breaking through my resistance and the conflicts I had about business and spirituality.  Discovering my authentic community was also an important process in clarifying who I am to serve.  Through our work together, I can see how far I have come in the development of my business and of my offerings.  It has been a process to integrate many of my gifts together into my offerings. Mary's support and encouragement have been crucial.

Mary has been a great support as I developed my Radical Self Nourishment program which is my signature program and is the culmination of all of my yoga, sacred sound and earth wisdom work together.  She has been skillfully guiding me through all of the steps and stages of developing and promoting it.  I piloted my first group last year successfully and am now running a full 7 month program!

I have appreciated Mary's unconditional and unwavering support and her ability to listen deeply and to go one step at a time with me.  I appreciate the rich information, the depth of understanding of business and spiritual principles, and Mary's brilliant perceptive capacities that help to root out that which is in my way and keep me on track.  Mary is a very gifted, compassionate, intuitive and caring coach who holds me lovingly accountable and has created a beautiful container of safety for me to grow myself and my business through her unique process.

I am in the process of building momentum with my signature program and I feel very excited about where it will take me.  I am also completing my first sound healing CD!  I feel that through my work with Mary, I have built a strong foundation from which to grow my business and to create a business that will sustain me and be of service for years to come!  I highly recommend Mary as a coach and am in gratitude for all that I have received."  

Deborah Brodey
Yoga Teacher/Sound Healer

This is an investment in yourself and your business that will result in multiple blessings.

When we're living from a scarcity paradigm, we tend to see everything we spend money on as an expense, not an investment.  And, while there are things we spend money on that are of limited or short-term benefit ("expenses"), anything we spend money on that will provide us with immediate AND future blessings is an investment. 

This is why Share Your Gifts and Prosper NowCoaching Sessions are an investment; they will continue to bring you value way beyond the time we spend together.  And, to amplify their effects, I've set an intention that the money you spend on these sessions will return to you multiplied.  You can also set this intention!

"Having totally changed my vocation from the corporate world to Holistic Nutrition, Meditation, Reiki and Yoga, I had no idea where to begin with developing my healing business!

Since starting my coaching process with Mary, my confidence has increased considerably, as she coached me to uncover my talents in the area of a new specialty and client focus.  She then led me through a process of developing my business model and a heart-centered, Spirit-led client attraction plan, by helping me energetically align to my soul's purpose and higher goals, while creating a practical plan focussing on the most important, impactful and inspired actions.

The value I have received from Mary's coaching has been excellent.  I've received a huge wealth of information, training, wisdom, coaching and healing.

I feel capable and excited about offering my services, and I know I will succeed.  Anyone who is looking for a way to manifest a successful and ethical business that matches their heart's desire should work with Mary!" 

Moragh Lippert, RHN, ROHP, RNCP
Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga and Meditation Teacher

What is the investment?

To suit your needs, I offer three different packages:

Package #1

The investment in yourself and your business for three 60-minute Share Your Gifts and Prosper Now™ Coaching Sessions  is $390 (plus applicable taxes if you're a Canadian resident; no taxes apply for international clients).  This represents a $60 savings over purchasing individual sessions.

Package #2

The investment in yourself and your business for six 60-minute Share Your Gifts and Prosper Now™ Coaching Sessions  is $690 (plus applicable taxes if you're a Canadian resident; no taxes apply for international clients). This represents a $210 savings over purchasing individual sessions.

Package #3

The investment in yourself and your business for twelve 60-minute Share Your Gifts and Prosper Now™ Coaching Sessions  is $1,200 (plus applicable taxes if you're a Canadian resident; no taxes apply for international clients). This represents a $600 savings over purchasing individual sessions.

In many locales, this investment can be classified as a business expense.

Package Options (International Clients)

Package Options (Canadian Clients)

***Introductory Special for New Clients***

Three 60-minute Share Your Gifts and Prosper Now™ Coaching Sessions for $300 (plus applicable taxes if you're a Canadian resident; no taxes apply for international clients).  This represents a $150 savings over purchasing individual sessions.

                                                                                  Introductory Special (International Clients)

                                                                                    Introductory Special (Canadian Clients)

Once I receive your payment, you'll receive an email that will include some prospective dates/times for your coaching session(s), and further instructions.

"Thank you for getting me on the road to business success!

Before I hired Mary as my coach, I was driving blind -- putting money into marketing ideas and anything else that I thought would be good for obtaining clients for my business.  But, I had no vision, and I was only advertising my modalities.  Also, I had no idea what deep-seated beliefs were really holding me back, and I didn't believe I had anything to share or anything unique to share.

Mary helped me become clear about my niche, my marketing message and my vision and develop the marketing/business plan I've been needing to attract clients.  The biggest breakthrough for me, though, was realizing I am unique, and I do have value to add to someone else's journey.

Some of the work was, at times, truly tough as I confronted demons I didn't really know I had.  Mary helped me realize that I am worthy, and that I was not the only person who has experienced these blocks.  Once I broke through some of these blockages, I found profound hope and joy.

Building a healing business is about looking at your soul-self and sharing that with the world, and that type of vulnerability takes courage, hope and support to discover and release this into the world.  Mary has a gentle way to nudge that loose and allow you to explore and then be comfortable with expressing your true self through your business."

Natascha Steckel, ROHP, RNCP
Wellness Practitioner/Reflexologist

My promise to you:

I promise to show up fully for you, with all the knowledge and gifts I have at my disposal, and hold a space for the grace of Source, the inspiration of your own inner guide and the synergy of our shared wisdom to come through.

Open your heart to Share Your Gifts and Prosper Now One-on-One Coaching Sessions.

What I want for you is a business full of ease, financial flow, grace, fun and abundance.  I want you to experience the authentic realization of all you can imagine for your business and your life.  You deserve this!  When you invest in yourself in this way, you'll reap the rewards not just for a short time, but for years to come.  

What next step is your heart – the seat of prosperity – prompting you to take?

It's my honour and joy to serve you, and I can't wait to help you expand your healing business, share your amazing gifts with the world and prosper!

Much Love and Success to You,

P.S.  If you have any questions about Share Your Gifts and Prosper Now One-on-One Coaching Sessions, please feel free to email me at