"My financial investment in Mary's coaching program stands as the single largest factor in the growth of my business and my belief in my abilities as both a coach and a business person.

Before I began working with Mary, I was frustrated and disappointed that I was not signing up clients, although I was doing many things.  Mary helped me understand the sales process of meeting prospective clients, engaging them and presenting the offer -- all new territory for me.

She also helped me to establish priorities so that I was focused on activities that would help me establish a foundation for my business that would lead to growth, which provided peace of mind. I learned the business of coaching, how to market myself, and how to create a personal practice for dealing effectively with limiting beliefs about myself.

With Mary’s wise guidance, I increased from two clients to more than a dozen in six months, I am getting significant referrals and I’ve developed a strong marketing program. When I started with Mary, my belief in my business success was about 3 out of 10, but now it’s 8-9 out of 10. 

I highly recommend Mary to coaches/wellness professionals seeking practical and inspiring support in growing their businesses."

Tim O'Connor
Mental Performance & Life Coach, 
ClubLink Academy at Glen Abbey,
Co-host, Swing Thoughts Podcast,
Assistant Coach, University of Guelph
Varsity Golf Team

"I discovered that I was experiencing a reluctance and fear to do what it takes to bring my practice to the next level. Until I started this program with Mary, I wasn’t able to articulate to myself what it was that was holding me back.

Since I started The Prosperous Healer’s Path™  Business Success Program with Mary, I've had many breakthroughs, most importantly of which is a trust that I'm on the right path and that I have the tools to access what I need to support that journey. 

I have attracted a steady stream of qualified clients, a new office space, positive changes in my personal life and, most of all, a recognition of what inspired action feels like.  And all of this with ease and joy."

Sarla Mills
Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotist 
and Life Coach

"The Prosperous Healer's Path™ Business Success Program is such an amazing program for wellness professionals.  It has completely changed how I see business and has helped me so much on a personal level, too. Since starting this program, I have reached 90% of my business goals.

Just before the start of the program, I was feeling lost and overwhelmed.  I was confused, second-guessing myself and had a poor relationship with money and the value of my work. This has all changed significantly.  

Through The Prosperous Healer’s Path™ Business Success Program, I increased my business knowledge and developed the marketing and selling knowledge and skills necessary to attract clients and create a thriving business.  I also cleared many limiting beliefs, feelings and programs about money and business and increased my inner self mastery.

The information was so rich and everything made sense in the order it was offered.  I truly enjoyed all the modules. Also, Mary has an ability to answer questions in a spiritual and inspiring, yet, approachable manner. Her work is incredible.

A major issue before starting the program had been lack of trust in the big picture and my instinct has always been to control things and to prepare for every outcome.  Since completing the program, I feel I am a lot more trusting of life, and I am now able to allow things to unfold, as opposed to trying to control everything.

The value of The Prosperous Healer’s Path™ Business Success Program is excellent and it is worth the investment. I certainly recommend it to others, and I’m proud of our journey together."

                                               Juliana Leamen
                                               Registered Holistic Nutritionist

"Since I enrolled in The Prosperous Healer's Path™ Business Success Coaching Program, the number of clients I have has tripled!  And I'm in the process of creating products to leverage my business and attract even more clients.  I'm a Prosperous Healer and loving it!

For me, a spiritual business owner, the heart-centered spiritual essence of the way Mary coaches was the perfect complement to the business side of the program, and learning to use my Spirit Guides in making business decisions was a wonderful gift that helps me stay connected to my truth in business.  

I loved our coaching calls -- they were a time of focus, of connection to myself, to my Higher Self and to the vision of my business, all held in Mary's beautiful, loving energy.  

I follow a lot of the biggest names in marketing, and I'm very aware of what they offer in their coaching programs.  Mary's program is totally on par with these programs.  It's so rich in information, ideas, inspiration and wisdom, and it contains everything I needed to build a thriving, successful healing business.  Its value outweighs the cost, by far."

Elyse Shaff                                       
Reflexologist & Foot Analysist 


Before I signed up for The Prosperous Healer's Path™ Business Success Program, I couldn't really describe 'what I do' and have it look professional and meaningful, I had a lack of clients and no clarity or direction for my business.

This program is amazing and extremely powerful.  I learned so much about myself, my business and what I have to offer.  The program stretched my thinking and made me think ‘outside the box’.  It also gave me clarity, direction and confidence ... and more clients. And it gave me the desire to reach more people and grow.

The value of The Prosperous Healer's Path™ Business Success Program far exceeds the cost!"

Brenda Schrader-Sanders
Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotist 
Medical Intuitive, Massage Intuitive                 


"Before doing The Prosperous Healer's Path™ Business Success Coaching Program with Mary, I had conceived the concept for my business, but I was looking for support and guidance in order to create it.  Over the course of the Program, all my goals were met. 

The level of support Mary provided was directed to my specific needs. We started from scratch; throughout the Program new visions and concepts came, spontaneously, as part of the creation process in all areas.  

With Mary's support, I easily went through each stage of building my business. I don’t feel I would have had such a successful result without her support and guidance. I had no one else to run ideas by, to be excited with me about what I was envisioning, or to help guide the actual creation and implementation. Mary and her Program were there for all that and more. I am extremely grateful.  

The Prosperous Healer's Path™ Business Success Coaching Program is great value for the cost.  In my opinion, the support and the fact that it allowed me to create my vision cannot even be valued financially."

                                               Ann Sockol, RN
                                               Caregiver Coach

 “Thank you for getting me on the road to business success!  

Before participating in The Prosperous Healer's Path™ Business Success Coaching Program, I was driving blind -- putting money into marketing ideas and anything else that I thought would be good for obtaining clients for my business. But, I had no vision, and I was only advertising my modalities. Also, I had no idea what deep-seated beliefs were really holding me back, and I didn't believe I had anything to share or anything unique to share.

Mary helped me become clear about my niche, my marketing message and my vision and develop the marketing/business plan I've been needing to attract clients.  The biggest breakthrough for me, though, was realizing that I am unique, and I do have value to add to someone else's journey.

Some of the work was, at times, truly tough as I confronted demons I didn't really know I had.  Mary helped me realize that I wasn't not worthy, and that I was not the only person who has experienced these blocks.  Once I broke through some of these blockages, I found profound hope and a profound joy.

Building a healing business is about looking at your soul-self and sharing that with the world, and that type of vulnerability takes courage, hope and support to discover and release into the world.  Mary has a gentle way to nudge that loose and allow you to explore and then be comfortable with expressing your true self through your business.

Natascha Steckel, ROHP, RNCP 
Wellness Practitioner/Reflexologist


"Having totally changed my vocation from the corporate world to Holistic Nutrition, Meditation and Reiki, I had no idea where to begin with developing my healing business!  

Since starting The Prosperous Healer's Path™ Business Success Coaching Program, my confidence has increased considerably, as Mary coached me to uncover my talents in the area of a new specialty and client focus.  

She then led me through a process of developing my business model and a heart-centered, spirit-led client attraction plan, by helping me energetically align to my soul’s purpose and higher goals, while creating a practical plan focussing on
the most important, impactful and inspired actions.   

The value I have received through The Prosperous Healer's Path™ Business Success Coaching Program has been excellent. I highly recommend it as a huge wealth of information, training, wisdom, coaching and healing.  

I feel capable and excited about offering my services, and I know I will succeed.  Anyone who is looking for a way to manifest a successful and ethical business that matches their heart’s desire should work with Mary!"

Moragh Lippert, RHN, ROHP, RNCP                   


“Before starting The Prosperous Healer’s Path™ Business Success Program with Mary, I had been travelling extensively, journeying to sacred sites and so I had taken a break from full-time Yoga teaching. When I returned, I realized I wanted to take my teaching to another level. The way I had been working before was not sustainable. I was living hand-to-mouth and needing to supplement my income at times with other work. I had never taken a business course. I was a strong and gifted teacher who did not know how to build a business from the ground up.

I have had a wonderful experience working with Mary. I have had a shift in my thoughts and beliefs about business through this work.  Discovering the higher purpose of my business has assisted me in breaking through my resistance and the conflicts I had about business and spirituality. Discovering my authentic community was also an important process in clarifying who I am to serve. Through our work together, I can see how far I have come in the development of my business and of my offerings. It has been a process to integrate many of my gifts together into my offerings. Mary’s support and encouragement have been crucial.

Mary has been a great support as I developed my Radical Self Nourishment program which is my signature program and is a culmination of all of my yoga, sacred sound and earth wisdom work together. She has been skillfully guiding me through all of the steps and stages of developing and promoting it. I piloted my first group last year successfully and am now running a full 7 month program!

I have appreciated Mary's unconditional and unwavering support and her ability to listen deeply and to go one step at a time with me. I appreciate the rich information, the depth of understanding of business and spiritual principles, and Mary's brilliant perceptive capacities that help to root out that which is in my way and keep me on track. Mary is a very gifted, compassionate, intuitive and caring coach who holds me lovingly accountable and has created a beautiful container of safety for me to grow myself and my business through her Program.

I am in the process of building momentum with my signature program and I feel very excited about where it will take me. I am also completing my first sound healing CD! I feel that through my work with Mary I have built a strong foundation from which to grow my business and to create a business that will sustain me and be of service for years to come!  I highly recommend Mary as a coach and am in gratitude for all that I have received."

Deborah Brodey 
Yoga Teacher/Sound Healer/Facilitator/Founder
 Radical Self Nourishment Programs

"Prior to beginning The Prosperous Healer's Path™ Business Success Program, I had a very "old fashioned" way of approaching business development... basically feeling I was rowing upstream.  I was overwhelmed with what needed to be done and how to do it.

Using the modules and the visualizations/exercises provided, I was able to work on removing the blocks I imagined were holding me back.  Marketing and business development emerged as an enjoyable part of my business. The program was aligned to my way of being in the world.  Rather than approaching marketing and business development as a chore that must be done in order to be successful, the program helped me to view business development activities in a more enjoyable way.

By the end of the program, I became aware of how to co-create a business that was truly a reflection of who I am as a person and, therefore, a more authentic and sincere way of getting my marketing message out to my authentic community and attracting clients.  Mary, you are truly gifted in what you do.  Thank you for all your support."

                                               Maria Aurora Zimmerling, B.A., RIHR

"Before participating in The Prosperous Healer's Path™ Business Success Program, I felt like I had no strong direction on how to build my business and who to serve.

Through this Program, I was able to allow myself to stand in my truth and power as an intuitive healer in the world, feeling supported by Mary’s confidence and encouragement to bring my “invisible gifts” to the world. She helped me hone my authentic community, along with the ability to receive clients and the true worth of what I have to offer to others.

Mary’s gentle yet directed manner of asking questions that delved deep into my being, along with her invaluable business training resources, made the Program a truly impactful and deepening experience.  The value of the program is immeasurable. I’ve made leaps and bounds in who I am and the development of my business."

                                                Heather Embree
                                                Blossoming Heart Intuitive Services


“Before I participated in The Prosperous Healer's Path™ Business Success Program, I was experiencing a lot of doubt and uncertainty:  Am I doing the right thing?  How can I grow my business?  What do I need to do to be successful?  Am I worthy of having a successful business?

Throughout this experience, I felt supported and empowered.  I developed a sense of "I can do it, and I will do it", and I really came into my power.
As a result of this program, I now know how to package, market and sell my services.  I am speaking about what I do with so much more conviction and knowledge, and I speak from the true center of my heart.

And I am no longer worried.  If something fearful tries to creep in, I look at it and say "nope".  I'm done with you.  And the amazing thing is, it's not even only in my business, but the rest of my life, too.

Mary is super supportive and very intuitive.  She knows what people need and what questions to ask, and it's very apparent that she works from her heart-space/neutral mind. 

I am blessed!  Thank you!"

Laura Anderson (Param Atma Kaur)
Massage Therapist, Musician, Yoga Teacher, 
Energy Healing Practitioner, Spa Manager,   

"Prior to participating in Mary's Business Success Program, I had no structure to follow in terms of my business, so my focus and energy were somewhat scattered.

As a creative and intuitive person, my challenge in the past was that I couldn't relate to business concepts – in fact, hard, cold business terms have always turned me away and feel inaccessible.

The Prosperous Healer's Path™ Business Success Program is refreshingly different – it made business feel accessible to me.  It's focused on "business" without feeling "businessy".  I loved the integration of spiritual principles and visualizations with the business training.

I now have a container or a structure I can understand, enjoy and work with to evolve my business – my Inspired Business Plan. 

Mary is a great facilitator, and she ensured that we received what we needed.  This program is an excellent value for the investment." 

Elspeth Duncan
Kundalini Yoga Instructor,
Multimedia Artist & Chef/Hostess