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Birthing the New Earth Economy Circle Video Recordings


A Free Monthly Manifestation Circle
for Coaches, Therapists, Wellness Professionals & Conscious Leaders & Entrepreneurs

"A 'new heaven' is the emergence of a transformed state of consciousness, and 'a new earth' is its reflection in the physical realm."

                                                                                                 -- Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose

Enjoy the replays of past Birthing the New Earth Economy Circles. Simply click the links below for the Circles you'd like to watch.  ** Please respect confidentiality about what is shared in these video recordings. Thank you! **

Unhooking From Draining Pendulums to Activate Your Vision and the New Earth Economy

Releasing Old Programs and Planting Intentions for 2022

Developing and Deliberately Using Imagination in a Disciplined Way to Manifest Your Vision

Training Your Brain Waves: Producing an Optimal Brain Wave Pattern to Succeed With Ease

Working with the Three Departments of the Mind and Choosing/Anchoring Thoughts and Feelings

Reclaiming Your Energy and Focus: How to Navigate Energy Drains, Triggers and Distractions

Practicing Surrender: How to EmBODY Letting Go and Allowing Your Vision to Unfold

Cultivating Authentic Confidence, Trust and Poise, So You Can Shine and Prosper

Creating Your Own Personal Economy and Being Financially Free From the Inside-Out

Responding to Doubts and Fears, So You Can Fulfill Your Vision and Thrive

Attuning to Trust and Faith So You Can Grow and Prosper

Winter Solstice: Releasing Old Programs and Planting Intentions for 2023

Feeling Peaceful and Inspired About Goals and Expectations

Dissolving Resistance to Sharing Your Greatest Gifts and Taking Action on Your Highest Vision

Stabilizing and Centering Your Energy So You Can Serve and Evolve During Intense Times of Change

Developing Discernment and Your Inner Wisdom So You Can Live, Work and Prosper With Ease and Flow

Anchoring a Consciousness of Abundance, So You Can Live and Work With Contentment, Gratitude and Joy

Creating and Offering Your Work to the World With Pure Intention, So You Can Serve and Prosper

Shifting Your Identity So You Can Live and Work More Expansively and Prosper

Shifting Your Identity Part Two: Heal the World and Create Peace and Prosperity For Us All

Winter Solstice Circle 2023

Connecting With Your Intuitive Wisdom to Fulfill Your 2024 Intentions and Goals


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