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Case Study

This is a case study of a client I worked with who has given me permission to share her story anonymously.

This client – who is a therapist – found herself to be unconsciously playing the saviour/martyr archetype, with her clients in the victim role.  This manifested around money – what she charged and what she delivered.  She often found herself overgiving to her clients in time and support, taking too much responsibility for their outcomes and undercharging them for her services.  

The cost of this money shadow pattern was that she felt burned out, ineffective and stuck in scarcity and keeping herself small.  She had her own unique gifts and talents and visions/dreams of how she wanted to express them through her work, yet, she was feeling frustrated in her ability to bring this to fruition.

Of course, there was a lot more to that than what was on the surface.  Underneath it all, it’s never really about money (money is one of the effects, not the cause).

Once we identified the archetypal patterns she was playing out over and over with her clients that were fueling under-being patterns that kept her small, we were able to uncover the underlying polarities that were driving these patterns.  Two of the dominant ones were worthy/worthless and overextending/withdrawing.  Interestingly, these two polarities were interconnected.

We did some intense work on revealing the deeper underlying beliefs and emotions behind these polarities.   We also used brainwave tools to tap into Source energy to release these old polarities, beliefs and feelings that were not serving her and to bring new, more affirming beliefs and feelings into her neural pathways.

Our work together paid off! Her private practice grew to having a waiting list of clients with whom she loves working, who happily pay the more congruent fees she charges. She stopped overextending herself and started feeling more effective, non-attached and balanced in her work and life.  And she really started to shine, pioneering her own unique therapeutic approach, creating additional services and products to her private therapy practice and serving in a bigger way.

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