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Spread the Love and Prosperity


A Campaign to Transform Fear and Lack Consciousness into Love and Prosperity Consciousness
Promote a Values-Based Economy That Benefits All

Fear is only present when our thoughts are different from our inner wisdom.

By its very nature, fear is lack-oriented. Often, it's about what we're not going to get or what we're going to lose (gain and loss). When we feel and acknowledge our fear/lack consciousness and learn how to transform it, we can embody qualities such as faith, trust, surrender, courage, wholeness, sufficiency, receptivity, generosity, effortlessness, truth and honesty.  We can more easily live and work from our values ... and truly prosper in all ways. When we transmute fear/lack consciousness, individually and collectively, we turn it into a loving, prosperity-oriented consciousness.  Through this, money and all forms of prosperity can come in abundance for all of us.

This is why I invite you to join our Spread the Love and Prosperity Campaign! The purpose of this movement is to transform fear/lack consciousness into love/prosperity consciousness on our planet and help birth a fearless, wise, values-driven economy. The only prerequisites are as follows:


  • You are willing to learn how to transform your fears and limiting assumptions, and open your heart and your mind;

  • You will commit to recognizing and appreciating the love and prosperity you presently enjoy every day and opening yourself to receive more;



  • You will pay that love and abundance forward through acts of service and contribution that support others and the world.

    How You Can Participate


  1. Register for Birthing the New Earth Economy, a free monthly manifestation circle for coaches, therapists, wellness practitioners and conscious leaders and business owners. This monthly circle will help you receive and activate your prosperous, high-level vision for your work, while energizing the collective co-creation of the New Earth economy.  Find out more and register here.

  2. Release what's holding you back from sharing your deepest gifts, expressing your greatest potential and truly prospering. Navigate your way forward with clarity, grace and ease and start actualizing your high-level vision for your work/business, by applying for one of my Complimentary Sessions ($199 value).  Find out more and apply here.

  3. Leverage and expedite your success by hosting one of my transformative Signature Workshops/Webinars for you, your team and/or colleagues, virtually or at your office, clinic or centre. Note: we can customize to your needs.

    50% of the proceeds from these workshops/webinars will go to Birch Bark Coffee, a social enterprise supporting Indigenous Fair Trade coffee growers, while bringing clean drinking water to Indigenous homes in Canada. 

    If you are in the U.S.A., 50% of the proceeds will go to the Navajo Water Project, a community-managed utility alternative that brings hot and cold running water to Indigenous homes without access to water or sewer lines in rural New Mexico, Arizona and Utah.

    Contact me through my contact page if you're interested in being a workshop/webinar host.


  4. Share this Spread the Love and Prosperity Campaign information with those who you think it would benefit.


Spread the Love and Prosperity Campaign: About Me
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