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About Anam Turas


Inspired by my Anglo-Irish Celtic roots, I chose the phrase “anam turas” as the perfect name for my business. Anam turas means “soul journey” in Gaelic, the language of the Celts.  The ancient Celts believed that life is a journey of the soul, and they viewed human existence as a seamless weaving of the physical and supernatural realms. 

In Celtic art, the interlocking pattern known as the Celtic knot reflects these beliefs. It symbolizes the journey of the soul and interconnectedness of all life.  The Celtic knot is made of one long, continuous, interlocking thread – the thread of life, signifying humanity’s continuous quest for spiritual growth and rebirth of the soul. 





The “triquetra”, the symbol incorporated into the Anam Turas logo, is a three-cornered Celtic knot that has various interpretations associated with it.  My favourites are that it represents eternity and the union of mind, body and spirit, as well as the three domains of earth according to Celtic legend -- earth, sea and sky. 

In keeping with the wisdom of the ancient Celts, Anam Turas’ vision is to help individuals and groups consciously integrate metaphysical and physical experience to create prosperous, self-realized lives and, by extension, a prosperous, loving world.

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