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Money Shadow and Prosperity Consciousness
Breakthrough Group Program

Ignite Your Greatest Potential So You Can Shine and Prosper

Perhaps you can relate to some or all of these challenges:

you have unfulfilled potential and you've been ignoring your soul's increasingly loud message that NOW is the time to give
your gifts in a way you haven't before;

you know you're being called to a more expansive vision for your work, but you're stuck in "under-being" -- keeping you
and your work small -- and you don't know how to change this;

if you're honest with yourself, you have ongoing fears of scarcity (with money and other things) and a lingering sense of financial insecurity;

you're over-working, under-charging, over-giving, and experiencing exertion/exhaustion or compassion fatigue (burnout) with your work; 

you're unable to effectively, confidently AND consistently market and sell your gifts, skills and talents and what you have to offer and, as a result, you're limiting yourself and your income; and/or

your finances are a bit chaotic -- you're resistant and vague about financial goals, spending, earning and managing your money.

These are some of the major symptoms of the money shadow. (Watch the masterclass below for more context.)







Interestingly, these challenges are not even really about money.

Yet, usually, the first place we go to find the solution is to external financial advice, actions and strategies.

We don't realize that the root causes of these challenges reside in our minds -- our attachments and aversions, our thoughts, beliefs and feelings -- particularly, the hidden, unconscious ones.

We look for solutions in all the wrong places ... anywhere but within ourselves.

Or even if, intellectually, we know that our consciousness is the culprit, we resist doing anything significant about it.

We resist our own evolution. We stay with our status quo and our old, confined identities and ways of thinking, feeling and acting.

Change feels too scary, too overwhelming, too unpredictable. So we minimize and deny. We convince ourselves that "it's too late" or that we can "do it alone" and don't need help.

If you are tired of being stuck in these old patterns and are ready to address the root causes, I have a question for you.














If you're ready to experience a life-changing clearing of your money shadow and the expansion of prosperity consciousness within you (AND to enjoy the external effects), then this program is for you.

If you're ready to step into a more expansive vision for your work and life and shine in a way that you haven't before, then this program is for you.

If you're ready to create your life and work in a different way -- through peace and inspiration -- then this program is for you.

​​​​Through online resources and an interactive group coaching experience (by Zoom), you’ll go on a journey to:

free yourself from repeating the same money/self-limitation experiences and archetypal patterns over and over;

dissolve the painful hold these patterns have on you by identifying and skillfully transforming the underlying polarities (internal imbalances caused by attachments/aversions), beliefs and emotions;

change limiting behaviours into constructive ones, so you can live, work and thrive from your greatest potential and wholeness;

evolve the quality of your mind and emotions to allow prosperity consciousness to be your new default state of being; and

connect with the Greater Capacity within you (your Divine Consciousness and Intuitive Wisdom) to bring more ease, peace, flow and balance into your relationship with money and to support you in expressing your greatest gifts in service to others.

We’ll take a deep dive into how the archetypal patterns of victim, tyrant, rebel, savior-martyr are affecting your finances and ability to fully express your gifts and thrive, and we'll focus on liberating you from these patterns.

We’ll reconcile polarities 
underneath these archetypes and the beliefs and feelings behind them that limit you, including*:


  • success/failure;

  • wealth/poverty;

  • worthy/worthless;

  • witholding/overextending;

  • greed/self-denial;

  • selfishness/selflessness;

  • gain/loss;

  • control/chaos;

  • power/powerlessness;

  • fulfillment/emptiness.

*We may look at some alternative polarities, instead of all of these ones, based on what is coming up for you and/or the group.

"And mind being the cause of all that manifests in your life, its right thinking will show forth right conditions in your affairs."

Besides the shadow awareness and clearing work, we’ll also integrate universal wisdom prosperity teachings and affirmations into the work we do together.  Topics will include the true nature of prosperity and success and the prospering power of:

  • fearless faith;

  • non-resistance;

  • receptivity;

  • generosity;

  • forgiveness;

  • gratitude;

  • love;

  • peace;

  • inspiration; and

  • surrender.

"One who is prospered by knowledge of Truth brings prosperity to the whole earth."

We'll use brainwave entrainment tools, affirmations, visualizations and other practices, to clear shadow patterns at a subconscious level and bring these prosperity teachings into your subconscious mind and neural pathways, so you can develop a prosperity consciousness. Training our brainwaves has a deep impact, which you can read about here and here.

We'll also clarify your vision for your work, practice conscious creation from the inside-out and open up the energetic channel for your vision to be manifested.

While this is the general “curriculum” we’ll be following, we'll remain open to the Group’s wisdom in shaping our work together.

Client Testimonial: For Lisa's full testimonial, visit (#6)
"The guidance and support I received over the 6-month program was nothing short of exceptional and
genuinely transformative. My relationship with money has been transformed from one of discomfort and
dread to a loving, empowered relationship where I experience money as a spiritual tool and form of
energy that makes great things possible and allows me to give and receive generously.
I now have the insight, tools and support I need to live into my vision, while feeling prosperous and
confident in my business dealings. Since completing the program, I've been confidently and consistently
enrolling new clients, without discounting my rates. The result has been more energy and joy for creating
unique, inspired offerings and events."
Lisa Burchartz, Somatic Stress Release & Transformational Coach

The next six-month group is starting in the Winter of 2024 and will include:


Two ninety-minute live Zoom group coaching/energy work calls a month (which will be recorded);

Additional resources shared in a private online Money Shadow & Prosperity Consciousness Breakthrough Group portal;

“Homeplay” to be completed between sessions to deepen the learning, shifts and transformation;

Accountability buddies to support progress and expand the learning and a private online group forum; and

One sixty-minute private session a month for those who want to go deeper and have more individualized support or who want intuitive business coaching to clarify actions and move forward with their visions. ** NOTE: THIS IS INCLUDED IN THE GOLD PACKAGE ONLY.**

The dates for the group coaching calls will be announced soon (in Eastern Standard Time).


PRICING:  SILVER PACKAGE - $199CA/MONTH, PLUS HST FOR SIX PAYMENTS (No tax if you live outside Canada)
                    GOLD PACKAGE - $349CA/MONTH, PLUS HST FOR SIX PAYMENTS (No tax if you live outside Canada)

Client Testimonial: For Ina's full testimonial, visit (#7)
"As a result of the program, I have aligned my services better with my unique gifts, experience and purpose,
and I increased my rates for 1:1 work, which resulted in attracting my dream clients vs. the opposite that I
feared, that no one may want to buy my services.
Participating in The Money Shadow & Prosperity Consciousness Breakthrough Group has allowed me to deeply
explore the scarcity patterns that I have been buying into for most of my life. This awareness, together with
some powerful tools to release fear, have allowed me to make choices that more deeply align with my values
in life. The increased awareness of where I operate from with any of the archetypes, combined with the tools
to release, has allowed me to be able to meet life's curve balls with more grace. Life seems to unfold with
more ease and joy. As such, the value of the program is priceless."

                                                                              -- Ina Backbier, Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist & Transformational Coach

Give yourself the gift of this program, trusting that the investment will return to you multiplied, under Grace in perfect ways, as a result! Contact me to discuss your needs and to find out more about the program.

"You are at peace with all and the satisfaction of the Richest Being in the universe centers in you and showers blessings through you
upon the whole world."

What would become possible for you if you were able to ignite your greatest potential, manifest more financial abundance and freedom and stop limiting yourself and playing small?

The Money Shadow and Prosperity Consciousness Breakthrough Program

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