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About Mary


  • Mental/Emotional/Spiritual Development for Success

  • High-Touch Marketing & Client Enrollment Strategies

  • Marketing & Sales Copy (For Websites, Brochures)   


Hi, I'm Mary.  I'm passionate about making the world a better place and bringing well-being into people's lives, organizations and businesses! What excites me most about my work are the amazing, visionary people I help to excel and shine, using deeply transformative assessments, conversations, strategies, teachings,  tools/processes and actions. 

More specifically, I'm a Certified Business and Inner Mastery Coach, Trainer and Facilitator who helps wellness professionals, small business owners, not-for-profit directors/managers and corporate executives/managers to more easily and effectively lead their businesses/organizations, solve problems, achieve their goals and fulfill their visions.

With over 30 years of experience in marketing, fundraising/sales, communications and management, I played a leadership role in generating over $30 million of revenue for health care and social service organizations. I have also worked with hundreds of leaders, visionaries and wellness entrepreneurs to support them in developing successful, mission-driven businesses and organizations that have influence and impact.

Success Through Peace and Inspiration™ is a training/coaching process I have created that allows leaders and business owners to harness their right and left brain strengths to solve problems and succeed with more ease.

I'm also the creator of three programs. 

The Launch Your Prosperous Business With Ease Program helps new coaches, therapists and wellness practitioners to launch their businesses and start creating income with clear direction and ease, rather than confusion and overwhelm.

Expand Your Prosperous Business With Ease Program is for established coaches, therapists and wellness practitioners with existing businesses who want to increase their reach and impact, attract more committed clients and create recurring and growing income, without overextending and burning out.

The Money Shadow and Prosperity Consciousness Breakthrough Coaching Group is a mindset mastery program that helps therapists, coaches and wellness practitioners who want to manifest their dream work vision and more financial abundance and freedom, release limiting money patterns, and stop depriving themselves and staying small.

Over the years, I have discovered that while strategy is important, strategy alone is not optimally effective in leadership and business/organizational development. The missing piece is inner mastery. Through my own struggles and work with a variety of clients, I've found that cultivating inner mastery is an essential success skill. 

Trained as a ThetaHealing® DNA2 Practitioner and One Command® Practitioner, I've learned and experienced how consciously training, balancing and utilizing our brainwaves supports inner mastery and accessing the mind’s full capacity for problem solving and success with more ease.

My work coaching clients over the past 14 years and my own direct experience as a leader and business owner have taught me how valuable this path to inner mastery is to leadership, whether you are a small business owner, a not-for-profit director/manager or a corporate executive/manager.

The Success Through Peace and Inspiration™ process is the culmination of years of my own inner mastery training and practice, harmonizing intellect and intuition, and coaching and supporting clients to develop and integrate these strengths.

If you're tired of just "scratching the surface" and you want deep, lasting change for yourself, your business or your organization, I invite you to check out my services. Then, feel free to contact me.  Simply go to my contact page and fill out and submit the form.

I look forward to connecting with you!


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