Coaching and Training

Do you need help to achieve your goals for your business or organization? I offer training/coaching package and program options that we can customize to meet your needs. 

I invite you to review the options below and, if one resonates for you, feel free to contact me for more information and to find out if you are a suitable candidate for one of my Introductory Sessions.

Success Through Peace & Inspiration™
Mindset Training & Coaching Packages

​Customized training and coaching packages for wellness professionals, small business owners, not-for-profit directors/managers and corporate executives/managers and their teams.

Benefits You'll Receive From This Investment
  • Re-train your mind from its focus on pushing, controlling, grasping and fear;

  • Learn to skillfully navigate your mental and emotional states and develop a clearer, sharper, quicker, more flexible and focused mind;

  • Start harnessing and balancing your brainwave patterns, so you can produce your optimum brainwave pattern, solve problems more easily and take action from a relaxed, inspired and peaceful frame of mind; and

  • Access your mind's full capacity for success and become a more effective wellness professional, business owner or not-for-profit/corporate leader.

If you're interested in finding out more and finding out if you're a suitable candidate for an introductory Success Through Peace and Inspiration™ Mindset Session, please contact me.

Activate Your Prosperous Business Vision
& Success Plan Program

A three-month intensive training and coaching program for coaches, therapists and wellness professionals of all types.


  • You have an existing practice/business that is bringing in money.

  • You're ready to take your practice/business to the next level and make more consistent and growing revenue.

  • You understand the power of commitment and you're ready to commit to yourself and your vision.

  • You're willing to take high-impact, consistent, inspired actions and be held accountable. 

Benefits You'll Receive From This Investment
  • Balance and harness your brainwaves, so you can feel more consistently calm, serene and focused about business development and taking action, and deepen your receptivity to your intuitive guidance;

  • Create a powerful and prosperous written business vision, guided by your intuition;

  • Using proven business development strategies and your intuitive guidance, develop a high touch, effective written marketing and client enrollment plan that works for you, that you enjoy implementing consistently;

  • Establish the structures, support, accountability and systems that will help you maintain consistency with taking inspired, income-generating action on your plan;

  • "Let go",  "get out of your own way" and reduce/eliminate stress, struggle and strain and "fight or flight" fear reactions; and

  • Increase your trust in yourself and allow your prosperous business vision to be fulfilled in a relaxed, easier manner.

If you're a coach, therapist or wellness professional interested in finding out more about this program and finding out if you're a suitable candidate for an introductory Business Success Strategy Session, please contact me.

The Prosperous Healer's Path™ Business Success Program

An online training and coaching program for coaches, psychotherapists, naturopaths, nutritionists and wellness professionals of all types, who are in the start-up phases of their practices/businesses.

  • Acquire the practical business knowledge you need to create, package, price and market your offerings, generate sales and build a prosperous wellness business, while focusing and prioritizing your time and energy;

  • Bring your own unique approach and marketing message forward
    from within;

  • Deepen your trust in your inner wisdom as you allow your business
    plan and client attraction strategy to emerge;

  • Clear inner patterns that keep you in scarcity and limitation;

  • Harness the greater capacity within you to activate your full
    potential; and

  • Stand in your abundance, as you take inspired actions towards
    your goals.

For more information about The Prosperous Healer's Path Business Success Program, visit this page. If you're a wellness professional or representative of a training school for wellness professionals and you're interested in finding out more, please contact me.

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