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Workshops and Webinars

Workshops or webinars are valuable group learning opportunities that can expedite your growth and development as a leader or business owner and increase your team's efficacy and impact.

I offer several signature workshops/webinar series that we can customize to meet your needs (scroll down to see options).

If you are interested in hosting one of these deeply transformative workshops or webinar series for you, your team and/or your colleagues, virtually or at your office, clinic or centre, please contact me.

By hosting a workshop or webinar series, you'll be helping yourself, your team and/or your colleagues, while supporting Birchbark Coffee or the Navajo Water Project. It's a win-win investment!

Read more about this opportunity and the Spread the Love and Prosperity Campaign here.

Workshops & Webinars: Services

Success Through Peace and Inspiration™:
Let Go of Struggling, Striving and Trying So Hard to Make Things Happen

  • Learn how to release feelings of worry, stress, striving and anxiety about addressing challenges, meeting your goals and developing your business or organization;

  • Let go of limiting mindsets and trying so hard to figure things out (over-thinking/over-analyzing);

  • Experience ease, innovation and resourcefulness by training your brainwaves and tapping into the part of your brain that has solutions to your business and organizational development problems;

  • Strengthen your ability to trust yourself, access this wisdom, solve problems and take action from peace and inspiration; and

  • Increase and leverage your energy and efficacy.


Free Yourself From the Money Shadow and Prosper

  • Identify how the money shadow is showing up for you, your team and your business or organization;

  • Gain insight about the financial control dramas/archetypes that arise from the money shadow, which ones you and/or your team are acting out and how you can resolve them;

  • Discern the deeper, underlying feelings, beliefs and polarity patterns that are driving these financial control dramas/archetypes and how to transform them;

  • Experience a process that will engage brainwaves to release and reconcile these patterns; and

  • Cultivate a healthier relationship with money so you, your team and your business or organization can enjoy more financial peace, freedom, security and prosperity.


The Art and Science of Client Attraction
and Enrollment With Ease and Joy

This offering is exclusively for coaches, therapists and wellness professionals. 

  • Manage and align your energy to allow yourself and your business to be successful with ease and joy;

  • Tap into your own inner guidance to support client attraction and your business;

  • Develop or fine-tune a client/niche profile to clearly attract those your meant to serve;

  • Learn what types of marketing/sales strategies are most effective for creating stability and growth, so you know where to focus and prioritize your time; and

  • Learn two proven, highly effective strategies for engaging prospective clients and enrolling them in your services and how to use them in inspired ways.

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