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Working With The "Doer" Through Our Brainwaves: Surrendering to The "Allower" and Grace

The “Doer”

The Doer is the part of our mind that believes it is separate from our Higher

Power and other people/all of creation. It’s basically the “egoic” mind that thinks

it is responsible for everything, has to do everything, is alone and unsupported. It

thinks that it has to figure everything out, struggle and strive to “make things

happen” (i.e., meet goals) and solve problems. It’s stuck in the perpetual polarity

swings of either pushing something away (aversion) or grasping for something


The “Doer” keeps us in stress, struggle and strain and has a big impact on our

health (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), on our relationships, on our

work/finances and self-expression. It keeps us depleted and impoverished.

The Doer is associated with splayed beta brainwave patterns (too much beta, not enough alpha and theta) – a mind that is constantly commenting, planning,

judging, going over to-do’s, worried, anxious, uneasy and tense.

Surrender and the "Allower"

Surrender is the inner act of letting go of the “Doer”. It is not bypassing our

emotions or thoughts or ignoring our vulnerability. It’s feeling and owning the

vulnerability of our emotions/thoughts and then surrendering them to the

“Allower” (the Neutral Mind part of ourselves that is not stuck in the polarity of

attachment and aversion).

When we surrender the inner reactions of the “Doer” to the “Allower”, this brings

loving detachment and neutrality and opens us up to our own wisdom, clarity and


Surrendering the “Doer” to the “Allower” is associated with slowing the

brainwaves down to alpha and theta (and, even, delta) and learning how to utilize

beta brainwaves in a healthy and balanced way with the other brainwaves.


Grace is the organic, organizing intelligence of the Universe. Grace teaches us to

“let go” and “get out of our own way”. We’re not in charge and we don’t have to

be. Grace is the invisible, yet powerful, force that comes into play when we

surrender the “Doer” to the “Allower”. The “Allower” is open and receptive to


Grace arranges the circumstances and solutions which we, in our limited, overthinking, over-active beta brainwaves, cannot. Grace totally supports us in every aspect of our lives, when we open to it by surrendering the “Doer” to the “Allower”. It comes to us in large quantities when our hearts are open.

We can’t change without Grace. Transformation occurs when we let

go/surrender and invite Grace to support us with our problems and our goals.

Training and developing our brainwaves and learning how to create cooperation

and balance between our different brainwave states allows Grace to enter our

lives and our work, providing just the right solutions to our problems and

fulfillment of the highest and best outcomes for us. © Copyright 2021 Mary C. Davis, ANAM TURAS. All rights reserved.

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