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Success Through Peace and Inspiration: Activating Our Greater Capacity to Lead and Solve Problems

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

"Problems are best solved not on the level where they appear to occur but on the next level above them....Problems are best solved by transcending them and looking at them from a higher viewpoint. At the higher level, the problems automatically resolve themselves because of that shift in point of view, or one might see there was no problem at all."

David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

In our western culture, we’ve been conditioned to believe that if we think more and think hard, we’ll find the answers to our problems. Our minds go round and round in mental loops searching for solutions; however, there are limited options when we restrict ourselves to left brain, intellectual thinking and analysis.

Many “geniuses” are individuals who have learned how to develop whole brain power. For example, businessman and inventor Thomas Edison used both his right and left brain capabilities. In fact, he approached his research largely through his right brain. When he wanted to come up with ideas for a new invention or solve a specific challenge, he would close his eyes and roll small balls back and forth in his hands. This would slow down his brainwaves and allow him to access that “higher viewpoint” -- the open, creative, receptive state of his right brain hemisphere.

By nature, we’re wise, creative and resourceful, but these qualities do not come from the intellect. Yet, we’re trained by our families, educational systems, professions and society to over-develop our left brain capabilities and place far too little emphasis on developing our right brain. We’re conditioned to aspire to accumulating more knowledge and to use our analytical thinking abilities to address our work challenges and solve problems. Ironically, what we find more often than not is that thinking, over-thinking and analyzing block us from the solutions we seek and create unnecessary worry, anxiety and stress.

Intellectual knowledge and thinking, in and of themselves, do not solve problems. Often, they just reinforce the habitual tendencies and patterns of the mind – familiar, limited and reactive ways we have of seeing situations. The result is that we operate on automatic pilot and make choices and decisions out of habit and entrenched, conditioned patterns and beliefs. We react to external conditions, rather than initiating new directions.

By over-developing the left brain hemisphere (the intellect), we have inadvertently blocked its connection with the other part of our mind from which inspiration, creativity and wisdom flow (the right brain hemisphere). This part of our mind is more peaceful, perceives differently and prompts us with impulses to try other methods, use fresh approaches and go against the grain of habit.

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, a Harvard-trained brain scientist, had a visceral experience of the full capabilities of her right brain hemisphere, when she had a massive stroke, with a blood vessel rupturing on the left side of her brain.

In her book, My Stroke of Insight, she says, “In the absence of my traditional left hemispheric domination over my right mind, other parts of my brain emerged. Programs that had been inhibited were now free to run, and I was no longer fettered to my previous interpretation of perception. With the shift away from my left hemisphere consciousness … my right hemisphere emerged with new insight.”

Developing the Right Brain for Problem Solving, Peace, Insight and Inspiration

Fortunately, we do not need to experience our left brains shutting down due to a stroke in order to activate and enhance the use of our right brain capabilities. Moreover, we can train our brain hemispheres to integrate with each other for optimal and stress-free problem solving.

Most of us know what it feels like to mentally, emotionally and physically expend ourselves striving to solve problems and meet goals and, then, letting go out of sheer exhaustion, having the solutions and results eventually present themselves. It’s the letting go that allows our brainwave patterns to change and the right brain hemisphere to open up and draw inspiration from another level.

The challenge is that the vast majority of us have not been taught to do this as the first response to a problem. We’ve been trained to use our intellects and thinking and to depend on others’ intellectual knowledge and thinking. Also, we’ve not been taught how to let go consciously in the moment and shift our brainwaves. So we use up a lot of time and energy wrestling mentally and emotionally with our problems.

When we learn how to let go and harness and balance our brainwaves, so we can produce our optimum brainwave pattern, we integrate our left/right brain hemispheres and more easily (with less or no internal and external drama) tap into solutions to our problems that we previously could not access.

Brainwaves are frequencies of electrical energy that the brain produces, and they relate to different states of consciousness. The higher the number of hertz (electrical impulses), the faster the brain operates.

The beta brainwave (13 – 40 hertz), where we spend most of our waking time, reflects the conditioned, rational, linear mind – the intellect -- and it’s the most limited brainwave state for problem solving. It’s connected with worry, stress, paranoia, fear, irritability, poor health and a weakened immune system.

Alpha brainwaves (7-13 hertz) are slower and more relaxed than beta. They occur when we’re meditating, daydreaming and watching television. They’re associated with a quieter, more peaceful state of mind.

The theta brainwave cycles at 4-7 hertz, and it’s also a brainwave state we can access when we’re still “awake”. It’s the optimal state of mind for problem solving, insight, intuition and inspiration. This brainwave is associated with quieting of thoughts and emotions and an increased sense of peace and well-being.

With the right tools and consistent, conscious practice, letting go and slowing the mind down in the moment can become our automatic response to our challenges, allowing us to problem solve from a new level of awareness and choice.

The benefits are truly significant, enabling us to:

  • be more open and flexible to receive ideal business or organizational development solutions through inspiration;

  • more easily solve a variety of problems;

  • be more effective and productive;

  • enjoy more functional, cooperative and happier work relationships;

  • express our talents and experience more fulfillment through our work;

  • make better decisions and enjoy better results; and

  • feel more relaxed, authentically confident and peaceful.

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