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Introductory Breakthrough Sessions

An Introductory Breakthrough Session is a great way to uncover what the real issues are that are causing problems for you, your business or organization.  Through the session, we'll chart a path forward for you to the most appropriate, effective and enduring solutions.

If you're 100 % committed to your growth and vision and serious about exploring solutions that can increase your success (while supporting the Spread the Love and Prosperity Campaign), feel free to contact me for one of my Introductory Breakthrough Sessions.  Simply review the options below, then click the "Apply for a Session" button and you'll be taken to my contact page, where you can fill in the form with your request.

Success Through Peace and Inspiration™
Brainwave Breakthrough Session

This session is for:

  • Coaches, Therapists, Wellness Professionals and other small business owners;

  • Executive Directors and Managers of not-for-profit organizations;

  • Corporate Executives and Managers.

  • Discover what mental, emotional and brainwave pattern(s) are limiting the way you approach problems and pursue your vision and goals for your business or organization.

  • Create a plan to navigate your mental and emotional states, develop a clear and focused mind and take action from a relaxed, inspired and peaceful frame of mind.

  • Determine the one step you can take, immediately, to harness and balance your brainwaves and produce your optimum brainwave pattern, so you can be a more effective leader and problem solver. 

  • Access your mind's full capacity for success with more ease.

Business Success Breakthrough Session

This session is exclusively for:

  • Coaches;

  • Psychotherapists;

  • Naturopaths;

  • Nutritionists; 

  • Other Wellness Professionals.

  • Discover what's holding you back from attracting clients and prospering financially.

  • Create a clear plan with the steps to take to build a prosperous business and attract the number of clients you wish to have.

  • Determine the one step you can take, immediately, to get into inspired action and move powerfully toward your client attraction goals.

  • Align your energy with success.